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Andersen Furniture 

Andersen Furniture, which with its solid roots in carpentry, has been delivering high-quality furniture since 1916, and Randers+Radius, which with its functional furniture and passion for sustainable products has managed to establish itself in the contract market. Now the two brands are merging and from hereon will operate under the name Andersen Furniture. The beautiful designs and high quality furniture will both complement each other and blend together as one.


Since the first introduction, a continuous drive to experiment and curiosity that is embedded in the ANOUR’s DNA has taken the original I-MODEL design even further, creating a new version of the lamp that is beyond perfection: the I-MODEL Aura.

DONYA means the world. From the initial idea for the DONYA collection there was never meant to be just one but a universe of lighting that continually evolves and offers infinite combinations.


MEMOIR is a product family designed by GamFratesi based on a modern take and interpretation of the classic chandelier. At the heart of the design is the gently shaped opal glass shade that evokes a historical typology and romantic spirit. The best part is being able customize it to a 'net' of light.


Timeless Elegance & Unparalleled Refinement.
Monte & Loro collections, meticulously hand-knotted from luxurious Alpaca and Merino Wool. All hand knotted. All sustainable carpets.


This is your Team section. It's a great place to introduce your team and talk about what makes it special, such as your culture and work philosophy. Don't be afraid to illustrate personality and character to help users connect with your team.


Softline's newest products show an innovative and elegant design in what the generation of should be like.

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