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Lounge Chairs

Andersen Furniture - Brdr. Krüger - Møbel Copenhagen - SOFTLINE

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Designer - Andersen Furniture 

The LC1 Lounge Chair from Andersen is designed to create volume and cosiness in any room. The combination of its streamlined wooden frame and loose, comfortable upholstery has created a chair that invites the sitter to take a break from a hectic everyday life.

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- Andersen Furniture

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- Brdr. Krüger


Designer - OEO Studio 

Ferdinand has its own distinctive character. The interaction between material, form and functionality endows Ferdinand with an essential simplicity and luxury. The vision for Ferdinand was to create a signature design that reflects contemporary sensibilities while honouring the legacy of 20th-century design.


Designer - David Thulstrup 

Fifth-generation furniture makers Brdr. Krüger has collaborated with David Thulstrup to create a lounge chair version of the acclaimed and award-winning ARV chair, initially designed for restaurant Noma. 

Thulstrup seeks to balance beauty with durability, lightness with comfort, and materials that will only become more expressed over time.

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- Mobel Copenhagen

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Designer - GamFratesi

The Lean lounge chair is an example of traditional craftsmanship applied to a modern design: an upholstered shell in a basic and minimalistic shape leans on a solid oak supporting structure – that can be stained or left natural.  Lean combines appealing design with outstanding comfort.

Skærmbillede 2022-07-26 kl. 21.36.01.png


Designer - David Thulstrup 

The design language is neutral enough for it to be placed into various environments and contexts, without taking all the attention. 

Skærmbillede 2022-07-26 kl. 21.07.46.png



Designer - Busk+Hertzog 

HAVANA is like a classic armchair that has been given a super-modern makeover with details and a rounded design that doesn’t compromise on comfort. As the name suggests, this chair is synonymous with comfort and warmth – with or without a cigar.

Winner of Interior Innovation Award 2014
Winner of Good Design Award 2014

Skærmbillede 2022-06-10 kl. 22.43.21.png


Designer - Susanne Grønlund 

The frame is light, but distinctive with a modern shape that almost makes the soft, rounded upper part of the chair look like it’s hovering above the floor. An ultra-modern chair where steel and fabric meet in a harmonic and organic whole.

Winner of Good Design Award 2017
Winner of German Design Award 2018

Skærmbillede 2022-06-10 kl. 22.47.34.png


Designer - Busk+Hertzog

Did you notice the stitching inspired by sports cars on the EDEN chair? Combined with a classic and stylish wooden frame, EDEN is refreshingly new. The chair is spacious with a soft and comfortable seat and backrest that allow for various seating positions.

Winner of Good Design Award 2014

Skærmbillede 2022-06-10 kl. 22.50.50.png


Designer - Phillip Bro 

The large shell of the MOAI chair is inspired by the soft shapes of bricks and stone rolling back and forth on the beach. It’s designed to close comfortably around you when you sit in it. A quiet little room on four legs that lets you have a peaceful moment for yourself, created for privacy with optimum acoustics.


Designer - Busk+Hertzog 

Comfort and elegance are beautifully united in the lounge chair EVY, designed by busk+hertzog. A clean design with a minimum of materials used to create the elegant and modern look that busk+hertzog is known for. This lounge chair challenges our perception of dimensions and lets the big, comfortable backrest act as a contrast to the less pronounced seat and the light, airy frame.

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