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Andersen Furniture - Brdr. Krüger - Møbel Copenhagen - Noorstad

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- Andersen Furniture


Designer - byKATO

T1 is a table with character and lightness. A timeless style that blends with interiors in all modern homes. The tabletop is with hard-wearing high-pressure laminate and the legs are made of solid wood with elegant details such as visible dowelling. The table comes in two versions - with a fixed tabletop or as an extendable table.

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Designer - Ditlev Karsten


Ditlev Karsten has designed a beautiful, modern classic dining table - T7. Enjoy the table's soft style and expression. The tabletop is made of solid coloured white laminate or black fenix laminate and the legs are in solid oak.


Designer - byKATO


The T9 table is the perfect combination of functionality, style and simple design. The T9 dining table provides storage space for 4 extra plates in the table, so extension plates no longer have to be stored elsewhere.

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Classic 240-series

Designer - Ditlev Karsten

Based on a number of requirements for functionality and design, the designer Ditlev Karsten has designed the extendable table with storage for leaves.

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Designer - Andersen Furniture

Space is a table rich in options. It is the kind of table, where the sky is the limit when it comes to possible applications. It is practical  and created to serve many roles in a variety of contexts.

C5 - coffee table

Designer - Arde

The C5 coffee table is designed in collaboration with the Danish designer ARDE. The C5 is a beautiful coffee table with elegant lines that fits in the modern home. The integrated compartment under the removable table tops provides storage space for magazines, remotecontrols and other small items.

C6 - coffee table

Designer - byKATO

The C6 coffee table is light and elegant in its expression. The design of the coffee table is based on a renewal of the legendary design icons of the 60s.

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C7 - coffee table

Designer - Andersen Furniture 

C7 is an innovative coffee table from Andersen. A table with a contemporary look and beautiful details. C7 fits perfectly in a modern home.

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- Brdr. Krüger

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Designer - David Thulstrup

Embodying strength and detailed craftsmanship from every angle, the table can seamlessly become the heart of the home, or used in combination to create a beautiful aesthetic in a commercial space.

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Designer - Hans Bølling

A striking, twisted oak base, resembling the growing branches of a tree, unites with a sleek glass tabletop, forming an elegant design statement.TRIIIO Tables’ tinted glass and accents of brass give the table a contemporary feel and allow to focus on the leg construction.

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Designer - OEO Studio

The joinery and seamless finish of the JARI table is achieved without the need for nails or screws. The solid table top is mounted using traditional methods.The JARI table series is a collection of tables with subtle, asymmetric, organic shapes that create a balance of their own.

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Bølling - tray table

Designer - Hans Bølling 

In 1963, Danish architect Hans Bølling designed the simple, elegant and mobile table, which was easy to handle. Since then, it has become a symbol of the playful functionalism of the golden Danish Modern era – and a design idea that is still relevant today. A Danish classic.

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Jari - low table

Designer - OEO Studio 

Brdr. Krüger has collaborated with OEO Studio to create a series of six coffee & side tables in solid oak. The Jari Low Tables are well-balanced between sculptural beauty and adaptable functionality. The fluid and compelling design, can soften interior uniformity and bring any space to life.

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TRIIIO - low table

Designer - Hans Bølling

By combining a playful wooden leg construction with a floating glass tabletop, the tables manage to establish an almost poetic harmony between the simple and the sculptural; values that are reminiscent of the period when Hans Bølling first sketched the design.

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- Møbel Copenhagen

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Pair side table

Designer - David Thulstrup

The ceramic piece is uniquely handcrafted from clay. After being burnt, the clay gets a high gloss glaze finish. During the process, streaks, pinholes and other variations occur and create an irregular surface that guarantees a limitless combination of textures and surfaces with an appealing graphical effect. 

Lili - Lounge table

Designer - Takumi Hirokawa 

Lili Lounge table large in oiled oak exemplifies a well-balanced mix of Danish craftsmanship and Japanese aesthetics that unilies to an appealing minimalistic design. With a distinctively appealing sculptural shape, Lili is inspired by its water lily namesake. A harmonious connection between its tabletop and frame creates an elegant curve made possible by precise construction and assembly techniques.


Designer - Gry Holmskov

Angel side table is created with a Scandinavian approach to crafts, simplicity and functionalism. At the same time, it also carry a strong embedded story and associations expressed in a minimalist idiom. The bearing structure made of steel rods, remains visible through the tempered glass tabletop, making the table light and elegant.

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- noordstad

LAAG - low table

Designer - Skyum Hoegfeldt

Was designed out of the need to decorate in front of large window partitions. Modern homes often display windows from floor to ceiling, and it provides view and airiness, but also lacks something as basic like a windowsill.

Laag is a fusion of a table, a shelf and a windowsill and can be used to display art, plants, books, your beautiful beach finds etc. without disturbing the view.

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Designer - Busk+Hertzog

This small and charming satellite table is extremely useful in any setting. The design makes it possible to position it over the seat of a chair or a sofa and comes in handy for your coffee mug, iPad or book. The table also works great as an organizing table in the hall or as a bedside table in the bedroom.

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Designer - Busk+Hertzog

MONDAY is a versatile side table that can be used individually, but works even better in combinations of two or more. The design of the table is simple and elegant resembling water lilies floating. The unique construction makes MONDAY an interesting design item in itself, as well as a practical piece of furniture.

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Designer - Phillip Bro

STOK is a versatile side table that is perfect to have at hand. It can be placed by a sofa or next to the bed, depending on where you need a small table. With the characteristic handle, the tables are easy to move around, and since they are stackable, they take up minimum space. 

Winner of Good Design Award 2020

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Designer - Sascha Sartory

TOM is a unique pouf that fits under an elegant coffee table. It’s function and style merged into a new and innovative product concept. If you need an additional seat, you can simply take out the pouf. If not, the pouf fits under the table and creates an additional storage place for magazines, cell phones, remotes and other small items. The soft shape is inspired by antique barrel drums from Asia and adds a unique touch to the room.


Designer - Busk+Hertzog

XO tables are airy and elegant. Choose between the XO with a fixed height or the adjustable version. The asymmetrical placement of the table leg allows the table to be placed over the seating area of almost any sofa or chair imaginable. The shape of the tabletop is designed to match different user scenarios depending on if you need at the side table or a work table for your iPad or laptop. On the height-adjustable version, the height of the table can be adjusted in one move.

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