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Brdr. Krüger - SOFTLINE

Sofas: My Work
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- Brdr. Krüger

KARM sofa - one seater

Designer - David Thulstrup

Made from specially selected thick and characteristic large oak planks, the sofa’s nostalgic design evokes a sense of honesty and simplicity. Karm sofa series was originally developed as a bespoke piece for the lounge of the new noma restaurant in Copenhagen and is now available as part of our core furniture collection.

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KARM sofa - 2,5 seater

Designer - David Thulstrup

The sofas features signature of detailing and skilfully handcrafted woodwork, exemplified in the delicate wedge joints, visible on both sides of the piece.

Skærmbillede 2022-08-02 kl. 22.59.01.png

KARM sofa - 3 seater

Designer - David Thulstrup 

“The design concept is based on a sense of Scandinavian locality yet avoids clichés. The clean, sharp and modern lines of the piece make it reminiscent of 1970s Danish design.”

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Designer - Busk+Hertzog

The lines of the seat are a fusion of several geometrical shapes that results in the unique shape that is both tight and soft at the same time. The characteristic backrest works as an integrated and discrete armrest and is an advanced 3-dimensional design element despite the minimalistic look.

Skærmbillede 2022-08-02 kl. 23.57.40.png


Designer - Matthias Demacker 

Inspired by functional beach baskets, BASKET is designed as an integrated modular system with two different back heights. This allows you to customize and design your seating just the way you like it. The intelligent sofa is a great setting for an intimate and cosy time alone – or with friends, family or colleagues.

Skærmbillede 2022-08-02 kl. 23.45.27.png


Designer - Javier Moreno

The CLAY seating concept has a strong, sculptural expression that adds a fresh and modern touch to private homes and public spaces. The organic design and the continuous seam on the edge of the chair create an elegant and minimalistic look. With the soft and comfortable upholstery, CLAY is the perfect spot to settle in for “hygge”.

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Cabala - Modular sofa 

Designer - Müller & Wulff

CABALA is an intelligent module sofa program with endless possibilities of arranging and grouping.

With a unique feature, the seat orientation can be changed in an instant, and it’s possible to create two different seating directions at once – e.g. one to the window and one to the fireplace, TV or art piece. You simply push or pull the backrest gently to make it flip to one side or the other.

Skærmbillede 2022-08-02 kl. 23.18.43.png

Elle - Modular sofa

Designer - Charlotte Høncke

ELLE is a flexible modular sofa with a soft and feminine look – round, organic and accommodating. The rounded back and armrests make it extremely comfortable. The sofa consists of two corner modules (right/left) and a centre module, which makes it possible to create a small couch or a large corner unit.

Loft - Modular sofa

Designer - Stine Engelbrechtsen

This innovative modular sofa system lets you combine the individual units in all kinds of shapes and variations. Be creative and design a sofa for your specific needs to match your style. LOFT is comfortable and chic and invites you to relax, lounge, play and have fun.

Skærmbillede 2022-08-02 kl. 23.54.38.png

Duet - Daybed

Designer - SOFTLINE design team

The clean and minimalistic design of the DUET daybed has a surprising feature you will love: A wonderfully soft pillow wrapped around the mattress for added comfort. The steel legs have a black coating, and the light construction of the base creates an airy look. Use DUET as a sofa, daybed or a single/double bed.

Lubi - Daybed

Designer - Kurt Brandt

The decorative design of LUBI will suit any room, and the classic lines radiate quality. LUBI is functional, practical and can be used as a traditional sofa, a daybed or a single/double bed.

Skærmbillede 2022-08-02 kl. 23.53.16.png

Madison - Sofa bed

Designer - Müller & Wulff

This is a fresh, uncomplicated sofa bed in a chic design, perfect for sitting, chilling and sleeping. The sofa radiates a casual elegance with the fabric-covered steel armrests and the cushions with pointed seams. The construction of the armrests creates a strong identity and uniqueness. The seat depth of the MADISON sofa invites you to lounge and chill. 

Skærmbillede 2022-08-02 kl. 23.52.11.png

Meghan - Sofa bed

Designer - Müller & Wulff

The narrow armrests and legs give this sofa a simple and elegant look. It’s compact and in a timeless and classic design that can be used as a comfortable couch during the day and a bed for two at night, since MEGHAN is easily converted into a comfortable bed. MEGHAN has fully removable upholstery.

Skærmbillede 2022-08-02 kl. 23.32.15.png

Sleep - Sofa bed

Designer - Busk+Hertzog

The bestselling SLEEP sofa bed is already a modern design classic. The design is timeless and outstanding, and this iconic sofa can also be used as a single/double bed. The back is adjustable and allows you to place it just the way you like it.

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