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Rugs: My Work


Designer - Massimo

Belize is made in a simple design, yet with a lot of character. Natural rug in 100% Sisal with rubber backing. Sisal is sustainable, natural and biodegradable and has a strong durability. Comes in natural colors.


Earth Bamboo

Designer - Massimo

Earth Bamboo combines the softest, most lustrous surface with robustness and durability, making sure that the carpet works perfectly in almost any interior. massimo achieves this by blending soft bamboo fibre with New Zealand wool of the highest quality.

The result is a yarn with an extraordinary softness and sheen. Comes in natural or colorful colors.


Escape Kelim

Designer - Space Copenhagen

The new series of kelim carpets by Space Copenhagen for massimo focus on the subdued colour tones and the natural feel. The designer’s wish has been to design a modern collection of minimal, yet tactile and crafted rugs with subtle details – to support and enhance the warmth, softness, human layer and ambience in a modern space.

Skærmbillede 2022-06-27 kl. 11.57.38.png


Designer - Tanja Kirst

The Hemp Collection by Tanja Kirst is hand-woven with Italian hemp yarn. The collection is part of an on going project investigating how the familiar hemp plant can be transformed into durable and sustainable woven textiles. The fact that hemp requires little water, can be cultivated without fertiliser and improves soil structure and adds nutrients as it grows. Handwoven in a flat weave construction with colour and weft effect.


Natural Kelims

Designer - Massimo

Handwoven traditional kelims in high quality Afghan wool. Each rug is unique and the combination of traditional weaving methods and patterns together with the natural colored wool provides unique rugs with high integrity.
The natural properties of wool makes it non-allergenic and fire-resistant which helps to create a safe and healthy indoor environment. It has a natural ability to resist dirt and is sustainable, natural and biodegradable. Comes in dark or light colors.



Designer - OEO Studio

The new series of luxurious carpets by OEO Studio for massimo has a distinctly graphic character. The image – or signifier – is after all the particular legacy of man’s presence on earth through millennia. Hand-tufted in New Zealand wool and bamboo fibre. Designed for massimo by OEO Studio.
A discreet design in sea-green emerges from a dark blue ground. Comes in 
earth tone or colorful tones.

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